Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Transformers: The Movie Prequel #1 (of 4)

DUE OUT IN FEBRUARY [date TBC, but most likely 14th/21st]

Story: Chris Ryall
Writers: Simon Furman & Chris Ryall
Artist: Don Figueroa.
Colourist: Josh Burcham.
Letterer: Robbie Robbins.
Editor: Dan Taylor.

Quick Summary

The setup is that a short time ago, Optimus Prime and Megatron co-ruled Cybertron. It was a world at peace, prospering thanks to an alien artifact that offered it energy and, apparently, nurtured the beginning of life on the planet. This came to be known as the Allspark. Of course, Megatron wasn't prepared to carry on settling for caring and sharing, or we wouldn't have a story...

Narrating things is Bumblebee, initially seen blasting out of Cybertron's atmosphere on a determined search, the story of that search unfolding as he tells it. Megatron's bid for control of the planet's most important resource has already brought war, his separatist army making short work of those who were until recently civilians. We join the fight at the Tyger Pax, a front all but one of its defenders believe is a diversion from the real location of the Allspark. After a suicidally brave last stand, survivors are dug out of the wreckage and interrogated.

Prime's equally desperate plan, it turns out, is to launch the Allspark into space and out of Megatron's clutches, long enough for the resistance to stop him — because without it, the planet is on an emptying timer. His hope is that if things go bad to worse and all is truly lost, the artifact unable to be reclaimed, life will arise elsewhere.

Bumblebee holds out against Megatron for as long as he's able, long enough for the launch to take place, though he gets badly mauled for his troubles. Considered a hero and barely recovered, his first request is to join the search to find the Allspark... to reach it before Megatron can.


There's a pretty good chance I'm going to enjoy this more than the movie. I know, it's partly my own fault, I shouldn't have read the scripts, and if I hadn't I wouldn't be expecting the cinematic debut of Independence Day With Robots. It's a bit harder to get really stoked about a film when you're watching for the CGI and lots of things blowing up. For me it is, anyway.

Still, maybe the movie will be a hugely successful popcorn flick, and those of us interested in all the background and nitty-gritty have got books and comics like this, right? Enough of my kvetching and let's talk prequel series.

For starters, if Simon Furman ever leaves us in a freak toaster accident, we could do far worse than roping in Chris Ryall as chief Transformers scribe. The thing that got my attention the most, first time through, was that this is only the first issue of four and already there's a full background story been presented. For those who haven't spoiled themselves with scripts and all the interview tidbits and leaks, this will be the first chance to see what kind of differences Hasbro and Paramount are gambling the franchise on... and it's looking more hopeful than might be anticipated, with backstory from a creative team keen to see everything tie together and make sense. Something which goes for the art as much as the story — there are details in both fans will particularly appreciate, but everything here should be just as accessible to new readers.

On the art side, Cybertron doesn't look too different from Stormbringer or the flashbacks Don used in BW: The Gathering, lots of dark concentric rings intersecting and giving the impression of linked city-states, whilst on the ground it's derelict expanses of alien wasteland we're familiar with. The 'bots are somewhat different, but again get given a sense of continuity thanks to the choice of artist — whether Decepticon seekers, Autobot resistance or Prime/Megatron, they all seem more substantial than some of the CGI images leaked of the movie designs so far. Cues have been taken from the protoform toys, the War Within seekers, the CGI and even in one case a figure from the Energon toyline... I'll leave that one up to you to discover. Suffice it to say that some people who were upset about a character being cut from early drafts of the movie will be happy, whilst others will get their fanboy underoos in a twist. (Hint: look at the 2nd cover.)

One thing's for sure: Figueroa and Burcham have outdone themselves with the visuals, adapting designs that are quite a departure into something fans can appreciate even if they've had reservations before now.

Plotwise we get the Allspark developed a bit beyond simply being the Macguffin the bad guys and good guys are turning up to find, a reason for Bumblebee's initial voicelessness in the film, and more Megatron than we're probably going to see on-screen unless the scripts have changed a lot. I don't like the idea of a Transformer not being able to repair a voice box easily any more than you probably do, but with the story as written it's presented as if Bumblebee gets himself patched up quickly before heading off again... leaving opportunity for him to be fixed up some more later. Of course, the writer can't go as far as making those type of promises — it'll either be in the film or won't — but it's nice not to be asked to see the damage as permanent.

Other little touches are a city on Cybertron called Simfur, nods to aspects of the film that changed since early concept stages (such as the extra character mentioned above) and a raiding party leader whose grovelling to Megatron may remind people of a certain one-eyed Decepticon...

The next issue caption box says "Their world reaches our world"... by which point I was thinking: What? Earth? Already? There're three more issues before we get to where the movie story begins... and if they're as full and self-contained as this one, I look forward to 'em.

Reviewed by Denyer,

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Catalog Scan Transformers toys

Optimus and Megatron Protoforms posted in TFW2005:

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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Transformers photos

Source: Paramount Pictures
DreamWorks Pictures has provided with new photos from the anticipated Transformers bla bla bla.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007


I waited for this cute y to arrive, after 20 stressing days and over 20 emails to the seller, it arrived last monday, so please enjoy this cute robot.. My figure's the unproduced clear windows version, since i guess that the final version will sport these clear colored parts in solid plastics. BTW, these parts are crystal purple BTW, i counterchecked the figure with the pics of the movie robot and if you transform him correctly he is very accurate indeed, even on the details of the arms, which i imagined that the kibble on the arms and chest was mistransformed on the auction. well transformed, he surely looks more accurate.. I could only take pics of the robot mode, because the camera died on me.. but, please, enjoy the pics..
Esperé por esta lindura para que llegue, después de 20 días de tension y con 20 email al vendedor, llegó el lunes pasado, satisface la hermosura de robot. Mi figura sin producion de versión clara de las ventanas, puesto que conjeturo que la versión final se mejorará estas partes coloreadas claras de plásticos sólidos. El BTW, estas piezas es BTW cristalino de la púrpura, el contador de la figura da la imagen del robot de la película y si lo transformas correctamente él es muy exacto de hecho, incluso sobre los detalles de los brazos, que me imaginaba que era el kibble en los brazos y el pecho transformado en la subasta. buena transformacion, parece seguramente más exacta. Podría tomar solamente la imagen del modo de la robusteza, porque la cámara fotográfica me mata. pero, disfrutar por favor de las imagenes.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Transformers Optimus Prime's Head in Super Detail

Optimus prime full close up.
Personally I do not like anything those eyes, nothing similar to G1, give an air him to those small hairy creatures of the empire attacks. Let us hope that effects EF fix everything.
Personalmente no me gustan nada esos ojos, nada parecido a G1, le dan un aire a esas pequeñas criaturas peludas del imperio contrataca. Esperemos que los efectos EF arreglen todo.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

'Transformers' movie screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

By Zach Oat
Posted January 12, 2007 12:20 PM

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. So who do you hire when you want to capture the hearts and minds of Transformers fans around the world? The answer should be obvious.

The live-action Transformers movie is one of the most talked-about and long-awaited film projects in history (or, at least in the ToyFare offices), and if executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay were going to roll out on this $150 million project, they needed to know the script was in good hands. Enter Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Friends since high school, the pair got their start writing Xena: Warrior Princess and moved on to J.J. Abrams’ Alias before penning Bay’s The Island and Abrams’ Mission: Impossible 3.

Now reunited with Bay, their task was to bring their childhood icons to the big screen in a way that would emphasize the humanity of these giant robots even as they transformed into cars, jets and tanks and inflicted massive property damage. A difficult job? Absolutely. But they wouldn’t trust it to anyone else.
More in
Rachet toy Hummer

Yes, that's Ratchet. He's now yellow and he's a transmogrified Hummer. Will the horrors never end? Maybe -- because although we brought you the news first Autobot Ironhide's alt-form would be a GMC TopKick, we've now got a non-camera phone pic to prove it -- and he looks pretty damn good with those tall pipes and the big ol' Autobot emblem across the tailgate. Oh, and is that Jazz under the tarp over there behind Ratchet? We think maybe so. Check out a second Ratchet pic and Ironhide's iron back-side after the jump.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Words of Michael Bay about the trailer

I have finished filming in the last week of September, within the considered budget, that does not exceed the 300,000 $US. I have surpassed to Pearl Harbor by 100,000 $US. I have had a great experience doing this film, elenco and the personnel is fabulous people. Today I finish making the new trailer for Christmases and I believe that it is INCREDIBLE. The Guru of the trailers, that makes all the trailers for the high season of summer said to me: “It was **** Ing. awesome”. I believe that several of films have good trailers/teasers but this mark one differentiates. This defining that we are not making an idiot film of “toys”. We showed some parts of robots, and even so no of the épicas scenes estan in this trailer, so that the film is brilliant. I have a full room with 20 fanatics of the Transformers. They are adult people and geeks. At the end of the trailer they applauded without stopping. Dejenme to know that You think

He terminado de filmar en la última semana de Septiembre, dentro del presupuesto estimado, que no sobrepasa los 300.000 $US. He superado a Pearl Harbor por 100.000 $US. He tenido una gran experiencia haciendo esta película, el elenco y el personal son personas fabulosas.

Hoy acabo de realizar el nuevo trailer para Navidades y ¡creo que es INCREIBLE!. El Guru de los trailers, quien realiza todos los trailers para la temporada alta de verano me dijo: “It was ****ing awesome”.

Yo creo que varios de los films tienen buenos trailers/teasers pero este marca una diferencia. Esta definiendo que no estamos haciendo una tonta película de “juguetes”. Mostramos algunas partes de los robots, y aún así ninguna de las escenas épicas estan en este trailer, para que la película se vea genial.

Tengo una habitación llena con 20 fanáticos de los Transformers. Son personas adultas y geeks. Al final del trailer aplaudieron sin parar.

Dejenme saber que opinan Uds.
Cita tomada de Ctrl-f5

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Movie and toys

PPI's global marketing strategy for the upcoming adaptation of the popular toy is not child's play.

By Andras Fuchs
"We really recognize the fact that for most people, 'Transformers' are a toy," Paramount Pictures International executive vp international marketing Jon Anderson acknowledges. "Our job is to change that perception." Indeed, Michael Bay's latest big-budget special effects extravaganza about alien technologies fighting their war on our world will be marketed as an event and spectacle, rather than just a movie about a hugely successful toy line...
Posted in

“Realmente reconocemos el hecho que para la mayoría de la gente, “los transformers” son un juguete,” Paramount Pictures International executive vp international marketing Jon Anderson reconoce. “Nuestro trabajo es cambiar esa opinión.” De hecho, la extravagancia especial de los efectos de gran presupuesto último de Michael Bay sobre las tecnologías alienigenas que luchan su guerra en nuestro mundo será puesta como un acontecimiento y un espectáculo, más que apenas una película sobre la línea acertada del juguete.

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Wallpapers of

Heretransformers wallpapers of, Binaltech Smokescreen - 1024x768 , Crystal Convoy - 1024x768 , Masterpiece Convoy - 1024x768, Road Assault Team - 1024x768 .

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Toys Transformers movie

Last images of transformer´s toys of

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bay and the trailer transformers 2007

“It did not have idea that Transformers had so many fans around the world”
(to Not is strange me if tapeworm does not devise don't mention it of Trfs). Yahoo reported to Paramount, that the trailer of Transformers was but unloaded in the history of Yahoo. It obtained the record of the first day, and the record of the first week. It surpassed to Spider Man 3 that had the record, we surpassed them by but of 2.000.000 of visits. We found interesting that it was seen by a similar number of men and women. Vote to maintain Die Hard for the 4 of July! (… wn as always extreme exceeded).
Posted by Deszaras_X in Transformers Hispanic.
Michael Bay giving sample of its ignorance in the fundamental subject of transformers and his fans, Live film action of which is director. Let us hope that in the second part “the following” director is more conscientious on their work and its relation with the world transformers.

"No tenía idea que Transformers tenía tantos fans alrededor del mundo"
(No me extraña si no tenia idea de nada de Trfs). Yahoo reportó a Paramount, que el trailer de Transformers fué el mas descargado en la historia de Yahoo. Obtuvo el record del primer día, y el record de la primera semana. Superó a Spider Man 3 quien tenía el record, nosotros los superamos por mas de 2,000,000 de visitas. Encontramos interesante que fue visto por un número similar de hombres y mujeres. Voto por mantener Die Hard para el 4 de julio!!!! ( como siempre...wn ultra sobrado).
Posteado por Deszaras_X en Transformers Hispanos.
Michael Bay dando muestra de su desconocimiento en el tema fundamental de transformers y sus fans, pelicula Live action de la cual es director. Esperemos que en la segunda parte el "siguiente" director sea más conciente sobre su trabajo y su relación con el mundo transformers.
Es innegable que los fans de transformers a nivel mundial no le tienen "buena leche" (leace aprecio o consideración) a Michael Bay, porque su trabajo no corresponde con lo que espera un fan de transformers para una pelicula a pantalla grande. Esperemos que nos haga cambiar de opinión en el estreno, de lo contrario ahora sí tiene una idea más exacta de lo que podría ocacionar un tan grande numero de fans decepcionados por una mala pelicula. Me pregunto si Sam Reimi empezó asi con Spiderman?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Transformers by Dreamwave Comics

Comics of the Transformers Sent by publishing Norma in Spain in the middle of the 2006. Here the review of Guide of the Comic:
Comics de los Transformers Lanzados por editorial Norma en España a mediados del 2006. Aquí la reseña de Guía del Comic:

TRANSFORMERS: THE NEW GENERATION #1 5,95 € // Norma (June) // Script of Chris Sarracini, drawing of Pat Lee, red of Rob Armstrong, bottoms of Edwin Garci'a, color of Real The T. Volume 88 pgs color, size comic-book (17x26 cm). Description of the publishing house: “After than two decades disappeared more, a terrorist army has managed to revivir to the Decepticons, reason why the American government must revive to Optimus Prime and its evil Autobots to defeat to the Transformers. The Civil War between robots transformable has exploded again” #1-3 the USA includes Transformers (DreamWave Productions, 2002), a gallery with a total of 9 of 11 covers that had these three numbers in the U.S.A., reproduced to complete page, and an article (3 pgs) with a brief history of the Transformers in years 80. Text of contraportada: “Come from plaenta Cybertron, the Transformers is a race of robots that has turned the Earth their new home. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, defends justice and to the humans, with whom they have been allied; the Decepticons, under the orders of the Megatron evildoer, is determined to turn the Earth a mechanical hell… Years after their arrival to the Earth, the Autobots and the Decepticons face, perhaps for the last time, with only a desire: to end for always the war that is devastating the planet.” With enough delay with respect to the initial forecasts, due to the problems to obtain the material of reproduction of cómics (DreamWave was declared in bankruptcy in the middle of 2005, which without a doubt made difficult the task), Publishing Norm publishes finally in Spain cómics of the Transformers that began to publish the independent publishing house DreamWave (founded by Pat Lee and initially sent under the seal of Image Comics, that the one that separated later) in the United States, where were a brutal successful, and served to relaunch the tax exemption in the U.S.A. (in fact, if it is in preparation the film of the Transformers for 2007 is partly thanks to the height that promoted these cómics). Links: In a gallery of covers of the first miniseries of Transformers published by DreamWave can be seen, with all the alternative covers of each cómic, that serve to become an idea of the graphical quality as cómic. The success of this cómic in the U.S.A. was so that it definitively raised the hare of the fashion of the revival in cómics of popular tax exemptions of years 80 in which was seen in calling the fashion of “nostalgia” of that decade, and that in few months vió titles like G.I. Joe (Devil's Due; that now it finishes beginning to publish Publishing Recerca in Spain), Thundercats (DC/Wildstorm; Planet published the first miniseries in Spain in 2004), the Battle of Planets (Commando G) (Image/Top Cow; Planet published the first numbers in Spain in 2004) or Masters of the Universe (Image/MV Creations; unpublished in Spain) they were sent more locating itself (at least in his first numbers) between cómics sold of the U.S.A. Although technically G.I.Joe was first of this fashion of “ochentera nostalgia” (it was sent in September of 2001), Transformers was without a doubt the one that yours greater success of all of them at commercial level, even amazing: hard half year - of April to September of 2002-, the initial miniseries of Transformers de DreamWave was cómic more sold in the U.S.A., month after month, single surpassed in an occasion by means of a special promotion of Marvel, that decided to sell cómic of the 4 Fantastic ones by the symbolic price of 9 cents). But specially, he was cómic of this tendency that had higher and attractive levels of production, not only in the covers (for which he was habitual which it was contracted outstanding authors, in many occasions authors that of children had been become fond of to of the different tax exemptions, and collaborated enchanted, being the most remarkable case perhaps the one of Alex Ross and the Battle of the planets/Commando G), but in comic itself, the inner comic strip pages (perhaps excepting the Thundercats, that some saw cómics drawn by Ed McGuiness and J. Scott Campbell, also fans of the tax exemption of children). In addition, he has been the one that has had a greater certainty and is present at throughout the years and that the passage of this fashion has surpassed better (at the moment continue publishing in the U.S.A. by IDW Publishing, that has acquired the rights of the license a few months ago). TRANSFORMERS: THE NEW GENERATION #2 5,95 € // Norma (July) // Script of Chris Sarracini, drawing of Pat Lee, red of Rob Armstrong, bottoms of Edwin Garci'a, color of Real The T. Volume 80 pgs color, size comic-book (17x26 cm). // Includes Transformers #4-6 the USA (DreamWave Productions, 2002), a gallery with a total of 7 of the covers that had these three numbers in the U.S.A., reproduced to complete page (one of them) and average page (6 of them). // With this volume finalizes first miniseries the USA of Transformers that it publishes in Spain Publishing Norma, that announces the next publication of cómic of Transformers: Navy.

TRANSFORMERS: LA NUEVA GENERACIÓN #1 5,95 € // Norma (junio) // Guión de Chris
Sarracini, dibujo de Pat Lee, tinta de Rob Armstrong, fondos de Edwin Garcia,
color de The Real T!. Tomo 88 pgs color, tamaño comic-book (17x26 cm).
Descripción de la editorial: "Tras más de dos décadas
desaparecidos, un ejército terrorista ha logrado revivir a los Decepticons, por
lo que el gobierno americano debe resucitar a Optimus Prime y sus Autobots para
derrotar a los Transformers malvados. ¡La Guerra Civil entre robots
transformables ha estallado de nuevo!" Incluye
Transformers #1-3 USA (DreamWave Productions, 2002), una galería con un total de
9 de 11 portadas que tuvieron estos tres números en EEUU, reproducidas a página
completa, y un artículo (3 pgs) con una breve historia de los Transformers en
los años 80. Texto de contraportada: "Venidos del
plaenta Cybertron, los Transformers son una raza de robots que han convertido la
Tierra en su nuevo hogar. Los Autobots, liderados por Optimus Prime, defienden
la justicia y a los humanos, con los que se han aliado; los Decepticons, bajo
las órdenes del malvado Megatron, están decididos a convertir la tierra en un
infierno mecánico... Años después de su llegada a la Tierra, los Autobots y los
Decepticons se enfrentan, quizá por última vez, con un sólo deseo: acabar para
siempre con la guerra que está arrasando el planeta."
Con bastante retraso respecto a las previsiones iniciales, debido a los
problemas para conseguir el material de reproducción de los cómics (DreamWave se
declaró en bancarrota a mediados de 2005, lo que sin duda dificultó la tarea),
Norma Editorial publica por fin en España los cómics de los Transformers que
comenzó a publicar la editorial independiente DreamWave (fundada por Pat Lee e
inicialmente lanzada bajo el sello de Image Comics, que la que se separó
posteriormente) en Estados Unidos, donde tuvieron un éxito brutal, y sirvieron
para relanzar la franquicia en EEUU (de hecho, si está en preparación la
película de los Transformers para 2007 es en parte gracias al auge que
promovieron estos cómics). Links: En se puede ver una galería de portadas de la primera miniserie de Transformers
publicada por DreamWave, con todas las portadas alternativas de cada cómic, que
sirven para hacerse una idea de la calidad gráfica del
cómic. El éxito de este cómic en EEUU fue tal que
levantó definitivamente la liebre de la moda de los revival en los cómics de
franquicias populares de los años 80 en lo que se vio en llamar la moda de la
"nostalgia" de esa década, y que en pocos meses vió títulos como G.I. Joe
(Devil's Due; que ahora acaba de comenzar a publicar Recerca Editorial en
España), Thundercats (DC/Wildstorm; Planeta-DeAgostini publicó la primera
miniserie en España en 2004), La Batalla de los Planetas (Comando G) (Image/Top
Cow; Planeta-DeAgostini publicó los primeros números en España en 2004) o
Masters del Universo (Image/MV Creations; inéditos en España) se lanzaban
situándose (al menos en sus primeros números) entre los cómics más vendidos de
EEUU. Aunque técnicamente G.I.Joe fue el primero de
esta moda de "nostalgia ochentera" (se lanzó en septiembre de
), Transformers fue sin duda el que tuyo mayor éxito de todos ellos a
nivel comercial, incluso asombroso: duramente medio año -de abril a septiembre
de 2002-, la miniserie inicial de Transformers de DreamWave fue el cómic más
vendido en EEUU, mes tras mes, solo superado en una ocasión mediante una
promoción especial de Marvel, que decidió vender un cómic de Los 4 Fantásticos
por el precio simbólico de 9 centavos). Pero especialmente, fue el cómic de esta
tendencia que tuvo unos niveles de producción más elevados y atractivos, no
solamente en las portadas (para lo que era habitual que se contratara a autores
destacados, en muchas ocasiones autores que de niños habían sido aficionados a
alguna de las diferentes franquicias, y colaboraban encantados, siendo el caso
más destacable quizás el de Alex Ross y La Batalla
de los planetas / Comando G), sino en el comic propiamente dicho, en las páginas
de historieta interiores (quizás exceptuando los Thundercats, que vieron algunos
cómics dibujados por Ed McGuiness y J. Scott Campbell,
también fans de la franquicia de niños). Además, ha sido el que ha tenido una
mayor constancia y presencia a lo largo de los años y que ha superado mejor el
paso de esta moda (actualmente se siguen publicando en EEUU por IDW Publishing,
que ha adquirido los derechos de la licencia hace unos meses).
LA NUEVA GENERACIÓN #2 5,95 € // Norma (julio) // Guión de Chris Sarracini,
dibujo de Pat Lee, tinta de Rob Armstrong, fondos de Edwin Garcia, color de The
Real T!. Tomo 80 pgs color, tamaño comic-book (17x26 cm). // Incluye
Transformers #4-6 USA (DreamWave Productions, 2002), una galería con un total de
7 de las portadas que tuvieron estos tres números en EEUU, reproducidas a página
completa (una de ellas) y media página (6 de ellas). // Con este tomo finaliza
la primera miniserie USA de Transformers que publica en España Norma Editorial,
que anuncia la próxima publicación del cómic de Transformers: Armada.
Reseñas tomadas de Guia del Comic.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Transformers G1 song

Here both subjects that encontre of the G1 series of transformers in one is the Theme song of G1 lowered of Hasbro and the other opening of the G1 series.
Aqui los dos temas que encontre de la serie G1 de transformers en uno es el Theme song de G1 bajado de Hasbro y el otro el opening de la serie G1.
Theme of Hasbro:

Opening serie:

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Megatron to complete body

The last images in cgi published to complete body of Megatron have caused a general malaise between transfans of the world, because a change in the aspect of agreed Megatrón with its original version was expected, opinion that was assimilated by the spokesmen of the film (Don murphy&cia) at its due moment, but that in the long run fell in broken coat, according to these images. Pre foreign concept of tank sige still on without the distinguishing characteristics of megatron G1, red eyes and tube of fusion in the shoulder.
But good, that Megatron is not ugly, single it is difficult to see.
Posted by Madmorte in Transformers Hispanic.
But more than to annoy the design to me they annoy the deceits to me. Perfect, they have changed the head because to fans they did not like (in fact they did not like anything) but to cover the eyes to him and to clear details to him is evident that it does not fix anything. To me I like most of designs but that deceits and lies are left of that that seems they take us by idiots.
posted by l_Speedy_l in Transformers Hispanic.
Las últimas imagenes en CGI publicadas a cuerpo completo de Megatron han provocado un malestar general entre los transfans del mundo, debido a que se esperaba un cambio en el aspecto de Megatrón más acorde con su versión original, opinión que fue asimilada por los voceros de la pelicula (Don murphy&cia) en su debido momento, pero que a la larga cayó en saco roto, según estas imagenes. El pre concepto de tanque alienigena sige en pie sin las distintivas caracteristicas del megatron G1, ojos rojos y cañón de fusión en el hombro.
Pero bueno, que Megatron no es feo, solo es dificil de ver.
posteado por Madmorte en Transformers Hispanos.

Pero más que fastidiarme el diseño me fastidian los engaños. Perfecto, han cambiado la cabeza porque a los fans no les gustaba (en realidad no les gustaba nada) pero taparle los ojos y quitarle detalles es evidente que no arregla nada. A mí me gustan la mayoría de diseños pero que se dejen de engaños y mentiras que parece que nos toman por idiotas. posteado por l_Speedy_l en Transformers Hispanos.

Imagen de Megatrón COWABUNGA posteada por
Byjana Alto Consejo Cybertroniano.

El verdadero rostro de la maldad...posteado por Deszaras_X donde se pueden ver los detalles de: ¿un Megatron robot alienigena con dientes?

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Ratchet new and old

Secondary personages: Ratchet in G1 is transformers doctor-scientist in charge of the care of the group transformers that arrives at the Earth. The original transformation is of an Ambulance. One of the results search of images of google for the Ratchet G1 and IDW comic.
Personajes secundarios:
Ratchet en G1 es el transformers médico-cientifico encargado del cuidado del grupo transformers que llega a la tierra. La transformación original es de una Ambulancia.

Una de los resultados de busqueda de imagenes de google para el Ratchet G1 y de IDW comic.

In the film: Ratchet is an aid vehicle and salvataje, these would be the images of the vehicle and the cgi.
En la pelicula: Ratchet es un vehículo de ayuda y salvataje, estas serían las imagenes del vehículo y el CGI.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

que modelo de camion es Optimus Prime

En la versión original Optimus Prime Generación 1 el lider de los autobots tiene la transformación de un camión de transportes Freightliner COE (tomado de la pagina de TOXMAN).
En la pelicula 2007 de Michael Bay según sus declaraciones es un camión naríz larga Peterbilt:

La única razón por la que escogí un camión de naríz-larga en lugar de uno de naríz-plana fue puramente por la masa adicional. Con la naríz-plana Optimus hubiera podido tener una altura de 6 a 8 metros, así que fuimos por el camión más grande que pudimos encontrar: el Peterbilt. Estamos hablando de robots que midan 12 a 15 metros de altura. Los efectos físicos para estos robots serán reales, lo que significa que no habrán partes que desaparecen mágicamente.

referencias de
In the original version Optimus Prime Generation the 1 leader of autobots has the transformation of a transport vehicle truck Freightliner COE (taken from the TOXMAN page). In film 2007 of Michael Bay according to his declarations it is a truck long nose Peterbilt:
The only reason by that I chose a truck of nose-long instead of one of nose-flat
was purely by the additional mass. With the nose-flat Optimus it could have had
a height of 6 to 8 meters, so we were by the truck greater than we could find:
the Peterbilt. We are speaking of robots that measures 12 to 15 meters of
height. The physical effects for these robots will be real, which means that
there will be no parts that disappear magically.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Megatron y Barricade CGI

Imagenes de Megatron y Barricade posteadas en el blog, a su vez tomadas de y son las primeras imagenes CGI de estos personajes de tamaño completo, como se preveía Megatrón no tiene mucho que ver con la imagen de G1, y tiene el concept de robot alienigena al estilo robocop (claro que robocop no era alienigena, me refiero a la fisonomía).
Barricade One Bad Mustang
Con respecto a Barricade el mustang police, me da la impresión de un rostro de perrito bulldog personalmente, atractivo lo de las garras en las ruedas, y la inscripción "police" en el hombro.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Otra imagen de los books de Amazon

Con capturas de pantalla de el trailer de diciembre.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nuevas imagenes Bumblebee and Barricade

New images of Bumblebee and Barricade from the upcoming Transformers Movie have surfaced on Amazon Japan. Both bots are featured on the cover of childrens book called An I Can Read Book based on the upcoming Transformers Movie. Bumblebee is on the cover of the book Transformers: Sam's New Car which we reported would be released here. Barricade is on the cover of a book titled Autobot VS. Decepticon. Check the images out here:
Las nuevas imágenes del Bumblebee y de Barricade de la película próxima de los transformers han emergido en Amazon Japón. Ambos bots se ofrecen en la cubierta de childrens reservan llamado ya pueden leer el libro basado en la película próxima de los transformers. Bumblebee está en la cubierta de book Transformers: Sam's New Car que divulgamos sería lanzado aquí. Barricade está en la cubierta de un libro titulado Autobot VS. Decepticon. Comprobar las imágenes hacia fuera aquí:

Posted by: Hotrod

Más imagenes del foro Transformers Hispanos posteadas por:

Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Transformers" Japanese trailer

Con una introducción de Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay se hace la presentación del trailer para el público nipón. Como se señala en el foro Transformers Hispanos se menciona a Spielberg como director de Armagedon y no de Pearl Harbor, que sería puntos en contra. Algunas imagenes rápidas que no aparecen en el trailer occidental, bumblebee sin la mascara y skorponok visto desde atrás.
Of an introduction of Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay the presentation takes control of the trailer for the Japanese public. As it is indicated in the Transformers forum Hispanic is mentioned to Spielberg like director of Armagedon and not of Pearl Harbor, who would be points against. Some fast images that do not appear in the western trailer, bumblebee without chewed and skorponok seen from back

Monday, January 01, 2007

A seis meses del estreno de Transformers the movie

Hoy 1ero de enero deseo felicitar por el inicio del 2007 a todos los fans Transformers, cada vez estamos más cerca del estreno de la pelicula que antes de veía muy lejano, pero ahora ya estamos ad portas el 4 de julio del 2007. Tan sólo quedan seis meses y contando.


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