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La primera pelicula de Transformers no es el fin del mundo

Citando un comentario de Dark_Convoy de tfw2005.com, esta es la primera pelicula live action de transformers y el primer film en este formato en la pantalla grande de la serie, por lo que a pesar de que a algunos nos genere cierta desconfianza el director y otros asuntos de la pelicula, se esta haciendo algo nunca visto y que sucitará nuevas peliculas por el estilo, generando un gran mercado para la serie y similares. Tal vez dentro de 3 o cuatro años cuando se estrene Transformers III o Macross II, o Mazinger Z, veamos que había muchas cosas más por ver y hacer.
I got half way through it, then, I highlighted the who damn thing and pressed backspace. Why? Because I realized something; It's just a movie. It's just a movie like any other movie that comes out year after year. It's meant to entertain the public and make money for the studio and producers behind it. Now, being one who does not mind being "spoiled" I have red the script and looked at every design that has leaked. There are things I like, things I don't like and things I felt should have or could have been done differently, but then again, I'm not the one making this movie, they are, I don't own Transformers, I'm not a movie studio, a character designer, a director, or a screen writer. I'm a grown man who still enjoys a remaining piece of his childhood. To me, transformers are a fun little diversion, something I escape to to forget about work, pressure, stress, all those un-fun things I have to deal with in real life. It feels like a lot of people are incredibly angry that this movie is not being made they way they feel it should be made. Not only angry, but even offended, almost like Michael Bay walked up and slapped their mother in the face. There are also those that seem offended by posts on message boards by others about how much they hate the movie, again, it angers them seemingly in the way someone would be angry if that person walked up and passionately kissed their significant other right in front of them all the way groping their behind then giving an evil smirk afterwards. I thought about all this (mainly because I am working long hours and bored off my ass) and realized that in the grand scheme of things it's just not that important to me. It's just a movie. If it's an incredible, awesome, and amazing movie, great, I'll see it more than once, I enjoy watching my favorite movies over and over again throughout the years. I even buy them on DVD, and talk about them to other people. It would be nice to have another awesome movie to enjoy, and even better since it's about something I enjoy apart from this particular movie. Then there's always the other side of the coin. This movie could come out and after sitting through it and watching it I could decide that it's a stinker - kind of how I feel Attack on the Clones was, I watched it once, thought "That movie sort of sucked" and never watched it again, and you know what, it wasn't the end of the world. It was a movie that sucked, no more, no less. Transformers is the same way, it's an enduring franchise that has appeared in just about every type of media possible over the years. If the movie sucks then, that's it, it sucks, if it rules - great. It's not like this movie sucking will suddenly make my 20th anniversary Optimus Prime spontaneously combust, or cause all my Alternators to explode into tiny shards of plastic shrapnel. My TF classics toys won't turn into puddles of brightly colored ooze. All that will happen is, I won't watch the movie again, it's that simple. Personally I feel like a lot of people are far too wrapped up in this. It's Transformers, it's a toy, a comic book, a cartoon, a novel. It's not something I own, it's not a song I wrote, or a book I pinned. It's not like someone butchered a piece of my own personal art. In the end, Bay, Spielberg and company aren't doing anything that should be personally offending people or making them so angry. They're making a movie, called Transfomers, because it has Transforming robots in it. So what if it ends up sucking, it's just a movie.

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