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New Transformers theatrical trailer

Michael Bay's website has updated with a post that reads: A little update: I just spoke to Bay and he's just putting the finishing touches of the new Transformers theatrical trailer. It will be attached to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. "At World's End" hits theaters on May 25. In related news, many more pics from the film can be found starting with this thread and on! UPDATE: CanMag has learned that you'll get to see the trailer even earlier, with Shrek the Third on May 18!
Source: Superheroehype
Michael Bay's website a actualizado con un post estas lineas
Una pequeña actualización: Apenas acabe Bay estaremos poniendo los toques finales del nuevo Transformers theatrical trailer. Será unido a los "piratas del Caribe: En el extremo del mundo". “En el extremo del mundo” se estrena el 25 de mayo.

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