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Transformadores 2 Already in Development

Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told the LA Times that the studio liked what they’ve seen so much so that they are “already developing a Transformers sequel script.” No word on who is involved, but I would suspect that screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would be involved (if they can find time away from JJ Abrams Star Trek and Michael Bay’s 2010 film 2012: The War for Souls).
Actress Megan Fox, the beauty who joins Shia LaBeouf as the main human contingent of Michael Bay's ultimate robot brawl, has confirmed to MTV that she is signed for the sequel. "I hear they're writing it now," she tells us. "So we'll see."
Según Slashfilm.com :
El Productor de Transformers Lorenzo di Bonaventura dijo a LA Times que al estudio le gusto lo que han visto por lo que "Estan desarrolloando una secuela del guión de Transformers the Movie".
Y MTV dice que la estrella Megan Fox ya habría firmado para protagonizar la secuela.

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