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TRANSFORMERS score "coming out soon"!

Some great news to report from the effort to see a Transformers orchestral score CD be made available!

First, the petition showing support for Steve Jablonsky's Transformers score has gone from 438 signatures on Monday afternoon, to 787 right now on Wednesday evening. I realize that some are saying that "online petitions don't work" but all the same, this is a pretty strong barometer of how much demand there is to see this album released.

The second bit of news is even more heartening. I sent an e-mail to Chandra Cogburn, who was one of the composers who worked on Transformers. I told her that the work she and the others did on this score was amazing and that there is a very large demand for an album of it. This is what Miss Cogburn said when she wrote back:

Hello Chris,

There will be an album of Transformers score coming out soon. I do not know the details, as I am not working on it. Thanks so much for appreciating the music, and all our hard work!

Chandra Cogburn

This is also what Chris Barry was told this week when he also asked about a Transformers score.

My gut feeling is that we are going to see this score released, and probably before the DVD of Transformers comes out around late fall. I can only assume that once the DVD is out that there will be an even larger demand for this score.

Anyway, there's the latest from the "give us that great Transformers score" front! Will report more as it happens.

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TRANSFORMERS score album set for October 9th release!

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