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Descriptions scenes IMAX of Transformers

From TFW2005.com forums a description of the two minutes of scenes added to the IMAX release of Transformers, does not include new CGI or Transformer elements.

I just got back from an advanced screening of the Imax Transformers.
We still do not know the fate of Barricade We do not see any new footage of any battles
First additional Scene is Sam picking up his friend who climbed the tree in the park. He makes fun of sam's car about being yellow.
Second additional scene is at the police station when sam gets arrested and they make him watch a video about what drugs do to your brain. The video is amusing but nothing great.
Third additional scene has the agent from Section 7 makes Sam take a test to see if he is lying inside the van by making him look into a device to see his pupils dialate.
Fourth additional scene is where the sector 7 agent tells the group about a room where he likes to meditate in (the part before they see the all spark cube)
Fifth additional scene is where one of the army guys goes into a pawn shop and tries to pawn his watch to get the shortwave radios
There may have been something new in the credits but I didnt think about checking until I left.
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I remember all the extra scenes, and was excited about the DVD release, but you first DVD I purchased was the Transforming DVD at Target. I figured it HAD to have the deleted scenes. Nope. Then the HD DVD release was more exspencive, but that HAD to have it, after all, it was HD DVD and it was more exspencive then a nornal DVD. NOPE!
When can I see ALL of Michael Bay's scenes for that visualy amazing movie?!?!

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