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Writers for Transformers 2 Confirms!

Last week it was revealed that writers Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci and Ehren Kruger were in negotiations for the sequel to the Transformers: The Movie. The Los Angeles Times now confirms that all three have signed on in a deal that may end up paying $8 million! The article also mentions that Michael Bay has already begun to pull together digital pre-visualizations for Transformer designs not used in the first film.
DreamWorks' willingness to agree to a combined team of A-listers, especially at such lofty rates, speaks to the studio's faith in the writers' ability to deliver (it also, one insider notes, effectively discourages the studio from spending more money to hire someone to rewrite their work).
Source: LA Times
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Sounds like it is gonna get pushed back to 2010.. lame. Lame. LAME!

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