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Bay's Touch

An become fond of video upload the Youtube that throws many flowers to him to Michael Bay.
Un video aficionado subido al Youtube que le tira muchas flores a Michael Bay.


He's Michael Bay...
He's got the power... YEAH!

Bay's about on screen action
Exciting scenes are number one -- this is awesome

Some people needlessly talk shit
Even before they have seen it

All those guys are fools

Pearl Harbor kicked ass, that attack scene was rough
There were planes and explosions and that was enough

You've got to shoot... Shoot for the edit
When a big asteroid's loose send up Bruce with a nuclear bomb

Crash all those cars
Run in slow motion
For action there's only one way, it's got to be Bay

With Michael Bay's reputation, I know Transformers will be one
Kick ass movie
Imagine how cool it will feel when Optimus Prime tough as steel
Transforms and looks around

Forget the haters who do nothing but knock,
Like your movie with Sean the Transformers will Rock!

You've got to shoot,
Shoot for the edit

When the drug dealers run,
Have Will chase them and dodge all the cars
Drive at top speed
Blow up that hangar

You know at the end of the day, action is Bay!

His films are on fire!

I know Bay's got the touch!

Fast cars and guns, planes fighting in the sky
So for the Transformers, Bay is the perfect guy!

He's Michael Bay
He's got the power! YEAH!

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