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Images from the new toy range appear

Lack very just a short time for July and the imminent opening of Transformers Movie, Hasbro showed something of the new gamma of toys with the mark of Optimus Prime…
With only five months to go until Michael Bay’s Transformers start smashing the crap out of each other at a cinema near you, everyone who knows their Autobots from their Decepticons is desperate to catch a glimpse of these most feted of 80s animated icons. Of course, 2007 might all be about the movie, but for those of you who remember visiting the toy shop circa 1986, the real allure of Transformers were the toys.
By Empireonline.com

Falta muy poco tiempo para Julio y el inminente estreno de Transformers Movie, HAsbro mostró algo de la nueva gamma de juguetes con la marca de Optimus Prime.

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