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Two New Transformers posters: Optimus Prime & Megatron

Okay, its officially time to start cussing up in here: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Say what you want about the "Orifice Face" otherwise known as Megatron, these posters look particularly AWESOME and are filled with so much ass-kickery Michael Bay probably fainted at the sight of them. Okay, that was a bit much but seriously, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!
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Okay es tiempo oficial para comenzar a cursar para arriba aqui dentro: ¡MIERDA DE MIERDA SANTA! Dime que opinas sobre la “cara de orificio” conocida de otra manera como Megatron, que miramos en estos posters particularmente IMPRESIONANTES y te llenas tanto de la patada de asno de Michael Bay que se desmayó probablemente en su vista. ¡Okey, era un pedacito pero seriamente mucho, MIERDA DE MIERDA SANTA!

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