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Transformers Movie Opened Japan

The movie opened on the 4th of August in Japan and, although the plot was no suprise thanks to some posters at tformers and tfans, there was plenty of action to keep people happy.

There hasn't been a lot of advertising for Bay's creation over here in the land of the rising sun. with minimal TV commercials and train interior posters. There also hasn't been a lot of merchandise for sale at the cinema, compared to the huge amounts still for sale from movies such as Spiderman 3, Harry Potter and Pirates 3.

Meanwhile, in the cinema itself (Funabashi Lallaport TOHO Cinema) there was little or no cut-outs OR posters of the movie.

Source: Tformers.com

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Thanks for the link. I wrote that a while ago. First time I've seen someone interested!

The pic you linked to is of Toys R Us though (and NO, they wouldnt give up a single poster, even though I begged them for one with the promise of emptying my bank account into a large purchase of toys).

I did manage to get a fairly decent poster thanks to a train/monorail station or two. They had giant posters of the movie and were only to happy to give them away for free!

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