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Optimus Prime Protoform

Finished up a new one... Optimus Prime in Protoform! This was a real stinker of a figure to start with... well, sort of. Cool figure, but bad factory paint, and kinda goofy transformation (the comet looks a little cartoony, not like in the movie.)

I saw the diamond in the rough though with the robot... so I gave him the "fill in the gaps" treatment, filling and sculpting and then sanding all the screw holes, so he was more complete and neat. Then I did multiple layers of paint on him... base coat of a metallic black, then drybrushed layers of Oily Steel then a custom mixed metallic light blue (very subtle.) I think he came out looking a lot more organic and protoform-ish.

While technically, he still transforms... I don't know why you'd ever want to... the robot form is much cooler...
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